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Fort Point, Boston

An insider's take on news, info and opinions for residents, visitors and workforce of Fort Point, Boston.

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Sportello Restaurant, Fort Point

The Fort Pointer

Residential Community Links
Fort Point Neighborhood Association
Fort Point Pier
Fort Point Stage
Fort Point Arts Community, Inc.
Fort Point Theater Channel

Boston Planning and
Development Agency

Friends of Fort Point Channel

Fort Point History (brief)
Historic Fort Point Images at BPL
Fort Point Landmark District Study Report (PDF download)

Planning Docs
Fort Point Waterfront Zoning Objectives (1990, PDF download)
Seaport District Master Plan (1999)
South Boston Waterfront Municipal Harbor Plan (2002)
Fort Point Watersheet Activation Plan (2002)
Fort Point Downtown Municipal Harbor Plan
Study of Cultural, Civic, & Facilities of Public Accommodation (2005)
Fort Point 100 Acres (2006)
Fort Point Crossroads Initiative (2008)
Fort Point Landmark District (2009)
Fort Point Channel Harbor Line (2010)

Seaport Alliance for a Neighborhood Design (1997-2008)